Houzz Tour: A Bachelor Pad’s Part II

“This is what happens when an Art Nouveau aficionado and an Art Deco aficionado move in together,” says interior designer Shannon Ggem. Her client, a film director and editor, had a vast collection of mostly Art Deco and Streamline Moderne furnishings and accessories, and right after he bought his bachelor pad, she helped him find a way to arrange them all in a 580-square-foot loft. But this job had a sequel when, years later, the director fell in love and married a woman who also appreciated the era — but adored the softer lines of the Art Nouveau period as well.

Because the couple hold film screenings and entertain often, they needed a comfortable seating area. The leather armchairs are new but have lines that fit in with the era. The two-tone Art Deco chairs on the left are vintage. “We reupholstered them in a way that was really a restoration of the original upholstery,” Ggem says. The Art Deco sofa is upholstered in mohair. The big tube hanging from the ceiling in the upper left of the photo hides a large projection screen. The vintage table between the two leather chairs has a blue glass top. Ggem found a glassmaker to install mirrored blue glass on the projection wall to pick up on the tabletop. The floor lamp has a fun surprise — the inside of the shade is a leopard print.

This secretary desk provides an office area. Movies are edited here, while favorite pieces from the owners’ collections fill the surrounding display cabinets.

More at houzz.com/ideabooks


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